UGTS Document #82 - Last Modified: 8/29/2015 3:23 PM
Knockout Style Observables for .NET and WPF

Knockout.JS is a great client-side MVC Javascript library. I looked for something similar for WPF, but could not find anything, so I wrote a basic Knockout implementation for .NET 4.5.1. Be forewarned, it is very basic, supporting only the Observable and Computed types, with ValueChanged and PorpertyChanged events. It isn't optimized, doesn't easily support extensions, and has the restriction that computed functions MUST be synchronous and single threaded.

I call this project KnockoutNET. You can download it here, along with unit tests that demonstrate how to use it:

Note that these classes are also in the main UGTS framework, I have just extracted them for you here for ease of use.