UGTS Document #73 - Last Modified: 8/29/2015 3:23 PM
HP ProtectTools Slowdowns

The HP ProtectTools Security Suite is a fingerprint management utility which also has a password storage and autocomplete feature to provide you with a single sign-on experience.

Unfortunately, it is severely broken and causes conflicts with a number of programs and websites:

  • - This website (and others with lots of dynamic content) will run at a crawl (taking minutes to refresh) if HP ProtectTools is installed.
  • VMWare - Some users have noted problems/conflicts with VMWare which cause startup times on the order of 15 minutes.
  • Specialized DataGrid Controls - Various applications which use the special grid that SQL Server Management Studio, Quark Express, and Adobe Lightroom use, all have problems with HP ProtectTools.  Slowdowns can be on the order of 30 seconds.
  • AntiVirus - Symantec Endpoint Protection conflicts with HP ProtectTools since both introduce conflicting file system filter drivers.

On top of all of these conflicts, this software was last updated in 2010, and HP is not making any efforts to fix the problems.  Because of this, I recommend that you uninstall HP ProtectTools. The basic architecture of it raises way too many conflicts, and it will only get worse with time.  Fingerprint readers are over-rated, and password management is better handled directly by Windows and your web browser.