Although Public domain and CC0 work can be used without giving credit to the authors,
it is the UGTS policy to always try to give credit where it is due.

If UGTS is using your work accidentally and it is NOT freely available under the license listed below,
or if you have other concerns such as patent restrictions,
please submit a question about this, and it will be corrected as soon as possible.

  • JSON.NET (MIT License)
    A JSON Library by James Newton-King
  • SQLite (Public Domain)
    A database engine by Dr. Richard Hipp
  • World English Bible (Public Domain)
    An english bible translation by Michael Paul Johnson of Rainbow Missions.
  • ClosedXML (MIT License)
    An Office Open XML Excel Library by Manuel De Leon
  • NUnit (MIT License)
    A unit testing framework for .NET
  • Moq (3-point BSD License)
    A mocking library for .NET by Daniel Cazzulino
  • System.IO.Abstractions (Ms-Pl License)
    Mockable file system access by Tatham Oddie
  • UGTS menu bar icons (CC0 License):
    Various artwork obtained from
    Home icon - adapted from 'Tango Go Home' by warszawianka
    Printer icon - adapted from 'Tango Printer' by warszawianka
    Download icon - adapted from 'Crystal Download Icon' by Voxxi
    News icon - adapted from 'Tango Inetrnet News Reader' by warszawianka
    Questions icon - adapted from 'Tango Help Browser' by warszawianka
    Documents icon - adapted from 'x office document' by warszawianka
    Links icon - adapted from 'Tango Emblem Symbolic Link' by warszawianka
    Credits icon - adapted from 'Outlined Star icon' by jhnri4
  • UGTS application icons (CC0 License):
    Various artwork obtained from
    Encoder icon - adapted from 'Padlock' by AJ
    HTML Cleaner icon - adapted from 'Tango edit clear' by warszawianka
    Responder icon - 'first aid' icon by mighty man
  • Everything else on UGTS (MIT License):
    Ben Siron:    Facebook    LinkedIn     Victory Christian Center     GitHub